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COVID-19 Update:

We have not experienced any disruption to our firm.  

We remain committed to providing a high level of service to our clients and potential clients.

Until further notice all of our meetings will be virtual.

fairlead ˈferlēd / noun – a device mounted on a boat or ship to guide a rope, keeping it clear of obstructions and preventing it from being cut or chafed.

At Fairlead Financial Group, we are dedicated to helping our clients reach their financial goals.  As an Independent RIA (Registered Investment Advisor), we provide objective investment advice and planning to our clients by implementing a goals-based approach to financial planning. We spend ample time with each of our clients to best understand their unique situation and help them achieve their long-term financial goals. 

We work directly with our clients in a conflict-free, fee-only environment. We are held to a Fiduciary Standard as a Registered Investment Advisory Firm.  At Fairlead Financial Group, our success is directly tied to the success of our clients' portfolios.

With extensive experience, we are equipped to serve our clients over multiple generations. Our technologically advanced firm is constantly evolving to keep abreast of the latest research, software, and trading tools. At Fairlead Financial Group, we strive to help our clients achieve their ideal life by providing unbiased, custom wealth management solutions.

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