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About Us

A fairlead is a device, commonly used on a boat, to guide a rope around objects, stop it from moving laterally, and prevent it from fraying. Fairlead Financial Group is named after a fairlead because our philosophies and client services mirror the service a fairlead lends the boat it is on. Our firm serves as a guide for our clients' financial lives, keeps their financial investments on track and striving to prevent any "fraying" as we work toward their long-term financial goals. 

As a fully independent Registered Investment Advisor, we answer only to one stakeholder - our clients. We are also not involved in product sales.  We will provide you with advice on purchasing products and managing them appropriately; however, we will not be financially involved in those sales transactions.  By doing so, this keeps us free from any conflicts of interest and allows us to truly focus on our clients' needs and success. We work alongside you to develop a plan to achieve your life goals.