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About Us

We know throughout our clients' lifetimes, significant economic, political, and market events will occur - causing a natural emotional reaction.  Many times investors are confronted with emotional, challenging facts regarding their investments.  Our mission is to assist them through these obstacles by providing clarity, historical perspective, and behavioral coaching.  A large part of our job is to act as a barrier between investors and their own irrational, emotionally charged instincts. We help to provide a buffer between our client and their "Buy/Sell Button" by providing seasoned advice, without emotional bias.

We also understand you don't hire a financial advisor only to talk you off the ledge during the inevitable bouts of turmoil.  You hire us to help you with major issues, such as:

  • You want to live the life you have earned, but may be unsure or unable to predict its feasibility.
  • You may be nearing retirement and unsure of when, how, and to what extent you can draw sustainable income off your investments.
  • Determining if you are able to pay for your children or grandchildren’s college education.
  • Identifying and planning for funds to supplement your income - money needed above and beyond your day-to-day expenses, to cover items like travel, a second home and any philanthropic goals.

At Fairlead Financial Group we will help you not only plan for these scenarios, but also ensure that you have a plan in place to enjoy the life and, eventually, retirement you earned.

The following statements are the paradigm we developed our firm around:

  • We are a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA), and act solely as fiduciaries to our clients. A fiduciary is someone who has the legal obligation to do what is right for the other person in the relationship – like a lawyer, doctor, or accountant.  We serve the best interest of our clients, no one else.
  • We draw from both extensive academic and real-world experience to guide our clients. 
  • We work to earn your trust, not the other way around.

We are unyielding in our promise to stand by our founding paradigm.  Fairlead Financial Group is ready to help our clients reach their financial goals by providing exceptional personalized financial guidance and support.

If you would like to learn more about working with Fairlead Financial Group, e-mail or call Devan today.