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Our Services

When you work with Fairlead Financial Group, we follow a 5-step process:

Initial Meeting

We will meet with you to determine where you stand today and get to know your complete current financial situation.  This meeting is always free and no-obligation.  It is a time for you to interview us, and for us to learn more about you.  We will spend ample time determining your current situation and goals, and you have a chance to interview us and ask us tough questions.  We will also provide you with an overview of how we do business and a preview of what services you will be receiving as a client.  If we both decide that we are a good fit to work together, we will then proceed to the next steps.

Evaluating Goals

Next, we determine where you want to be financially in the future. We map out your financial goals, what you hope to achieve with your investments, etc. Each client has their own unique situation that we appreciate and take into thorough consideration.

Future Steps

From here we will evaluate the different approaches you may take to reach your financial goals, utilizing our investment management and financial planning services.

Implement a Plan

After gathering all of the relevant information we will implement a unique, comprehensive plan specifically designed for you.  This plan will utilize our investment management strategies and financial planning services as our tool to get us there.


Although it may look like the final step, it is actually the beginning.  We will continually review where we are, and adjust as life changes occur.  We keep in touch with our clients on a quarterly basis, or more depending on the client’s situation and needs.