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Who is your typical client?

We often work with families and small businesses, but are open to all clients, each with different, unique circumstances.

What is your process?

We start by defining what your true goals are to achieve your ideal life, both now and in the future. We then develop a plan and roadmap designed to maximize your likelihood of success.  Our process is outlined here.

What is the cost?

The initial meeting with us to see if we are a good fit for each other is always free. If we both decide that we should move foward, we can discuss whether it is best to work on a percentage of AUM (Assets Under Management), or hourly-fee/retainer when appropriate.

How are you compensated?

As a fee-only firm, all of our revenue comes directly from our clients. We do not receive any commissions, referral fees, or other incentive compensation from third parties. This reduces conflicts of interest and provides maximum transparency for our clients.

Do you sell products?

No, we do not sell any products. We will provide you with advice on purchasing products and managing them appropriately; however, we will not be financially involved in those sales transactions in an effort to reduce conflicts of interest for our clients.

How do I know I can trust your firm?

We strongly believe that trust is earned over time.  In our opinion the best thing that you can do is ask us tough questions!  Come prepared, interview us, meet with multiple advisors, and take all the time that you need when selecting a financial professional.  Trust is difficult to obtain, but it is of the utmost importance when it comes to your wealth.

Do you work virtually?

Yes, we can work with our clients anywhere and anytime they feel comfortable - all across the country.